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Things to consider before submitting an inquiry.

I saw something posted on social media regarding the Southern New England and have a question.

 Southern New England Railroad does NOT use nor support social media. Any information that we deem to be for public knowledge will be available on our official website (you are here). Any information or rumor found other than on this website should be disregarded. Please do not inquire about additional information found via outside sources.

What is the Southern New England Railroad?

 - Checking out our "About" page will provide answers.

What equipment can we provide?

- Excellent question! We are a small company and are always willing to work with a client to suite their needs. Our "Equipment" page is host the bulk of our equipment roster available, however is subject to change without notice for reasons. We strongly encourage contacting us regardless of the equipment listed, as we always have something in the "works".

Small company or museum interested in equipment for lease, can we afford it?

Yes! Absolutely, Southern New England Railroad works to generate leases that are specific to each individual need while keeping costs affordable.

Inquiry about photography of our equipment?


Southern New England Railroad is supportive of photography.

However guidelines must be met:

Photo / Video must be for personal use ONLY

Photo / Video must be recorded on public property, unless written permission is previously approved.

Climbing on / entering equipment is strictly prohibited

No trespassing inside railroad property / building

Use of company artwork or logos for commercial purposes will require company approval prior.





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